Happy Fangs

Lone wolves are never truly alone. 

Best Blushes

"[A] serrated, savagely catchy full-length debut, “Capricorn,” –Eric R. Danton, Wall Street Journal. source

"Disruptive as all hell, but bright and cheery enough that it's hard to get too mad at it" –Andrew Unterberger, SPIN. source.

“Rebecca Bortman's frenzied vocal performance and Michael Cobra's buzz saw guitar evoke just about every era of badass rock and roll -- '60s garage, '77 punk, riot grrrl, you name it. And don't forget drummer Jess Gowrie, who drums so hard that her in-ear monitors had to be taped into her ears.” –Chris Payne. Billboard. source.

“If Happy Fangs is the Second Coming of Bikini Kill, they’ve returned with the modern pop sensibilities of Sleigh Bells, and that should keep them on the radar for a while.“ – Abel Charrow, Nerdist. source.

"One of the most exciting punk acts to emerge from the Bay Area since Green Day." –Kara Murphy, Spinning Platters. source

"Pure raw energy and powerful vocals with a sexy edge in a free-for-all of creative styles blending perfectly together." –Melissa Webster, HuffPo Entertainment. source

"Blistering, ferocious assault on the senses, powered by pulsating drums, fuzzed out guitars, and in-your-face howls.” –Jonathan Barkan, Bloody Disgusting. source

“A raucous force of noisy guitar and anthemic vocals that thrill me like the late-1970s sounds of X-Ray Spex, Siouxsie, and Suburban Lawns.” –David Pescovitz, Boing Boing. source.

"What's not to love about Happy Fangs? Raw, out of breath, out of mind, it's easy to lose yourself in their commotion.” –Amanda Roscoe Mayo, KQED Arts. source.

“Happy Fangs is pumping out high octane, blood pumping, gasoline drenched rock-records that will have you clinching your fists and screaming along with the convicting vocals. In their latest single “Controlled Burn,” the band exhibits heavy riffs similar to Wolf Mother or Black Sabbath and punk-rock vocals like The Runaways and the emotion prowess of Pat Benatar. Rock and metal music of this caliber is rare in few these days but Happy Fangs is a welcome change in a world of american, folk and indie-rock.” –Clark McCaskill, Earmilk. source.

The band has also been featured on CMJ.comNoisey by VICEBlackBookDiffuserGhettoblasterThe Girls AreSFWeeklyThrdCoast and many other fine publications.




Sue Marcus

Made & loved in Northern California.